The Law Offices of John P. McDonnell is available for an initial consultation with individuals and businesses that need a Silicon Valley tax law attorney.

Our legal services are focused on finding solutions for your state and federal tax problems, and offering advice on navigating the complexity of the tax code. We can assist you with tax planning strategies, unfiled tax returns and back taxes, business tax issues and any active dispute with the IRS.

If you have never consulted with a tax attorney, you could benefit if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • The IRS is pursing an audit against you or your business
  • You have unfiled tax returns from previous years, and past due tax bills
  • The IRS has initiated collections activities against you
  • You are starting, growing or transferring a business and need tax advice on the best course of action
  • You are approaching retirement and want to minimize your tax bill
  • You have achieved a high level of success and wealth, and wish to plan for the transfer of your estate

This is only a small sample of the legal and tax issues where we can assist you, as we have experience with every aspect of both state and federal tax law. Tax agencies can be aggressive in collecting taxes they claim you owe, and without legal representation you will not succeed in contesting the results of audits. We understand the stress of an IRS audit or collections action, and our firm is prepared to defend your right to contest the claim and to assure that you receive a fair hearing.

The Law Offices of John P. McDonnell: Silicon Valley Tax Law Attorney

Our offices are conveniently located for clients in San Jose and the entire Silicon Valley, and we look forward to speaking with you about your tax situation. For a reasonable cost, you can have the counsel of an experienced California tax attorney who has successfully defended tax disputes at both the state and federal level.